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The Power of the PLN #IMWAYR

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“Just 10 more minutes,” I tell myself.

15 speed by.

“Maybe 5 more minutes, and then I’ll get to all the things I need to do today,” I bargain with myself.

Before I know it, a ridiculous amount of time has elapsed.

What was I doing?  Giving myself permission to read through the “Blogs I Follow” feed in WordPress this morning.  I normally keep up with them a little better but had gotten behind after a recent family vacation.

“Just one more. One more,” I kept rationalizing.  But we all know, you can’t stop at just one.


So it’s Monday, and what am I reading?  Your stories, your book reviews and recommendations, your thoughts on education, your successes this week with your students, your slices of life.  I don’t think I could find a book that could match the brilliance that I have been reading this morning.

And the beauty of this type of reading is that it is interactive and generative. I favorited your posts.  I commented on your posts.  I shared your posts on Twitter.

Some of the must-reads from my reading journey this morning:

Do. Not. Miss “What Matters Most” by Jon Harper. Jon’s story about some of his last moments with his father will tug at your heartstrings.  In the reading community we talk about #heartprintbooks; this is a #heartprintblog . Jon manages to take those everyday moments in life to reflect on our purpose as educators and our responsibilities to children.  His writing is simply amazing.

A Window into Classrooms:

Posts from the Reading Community- There was a flurry of activity on my Goodreads account this morning thanks to posts like:

  • Books that Make Us Cry- part 1 and part 2 by members of the Nerdy Book Club Community, collected by Donalyn Miller
  • Who is Travis Nickerson from Fish in a Tree? – Lynda Mulally Hunt shares how her experiences impact character development and relationships.  This type of information changes how I read the story. Priceless!

My Own Personalized Professional Development-

The Slice of Life pieces- March kicks off the Slice of Life writing challenge hosted by the wonderful leaders of Two Writing Teachers. While I am not yet ready to commit to writing every day just yet, this group is amazing, and I am enjoying reading your posts. From Julieanne’s close reading experience in the cosmetics aisle in “Grocery Store Luxuries” to Tara’s father- son moment in “Snowball Fight to Start the Day” to Fran’s found poem, based on a quote by Elizabeth Gilbert, there is something for everyone. So much creativity!

So did I spend a lot more time that I had planned reading your blogs?  Absolutely. But just look at how much I have grown as an educator through your influence. I hope this serves as a reminder to reconsider the authors around us and give ourselves permission to spend our valuable time reading their work with the same permission we give ourselves to read “published” works.

I’d love to hear about bloggers that speak to you!  The book (or blog in this case) is in your court…

For more examples of what others are reading, be sure to head over to the IMWAYR link-up at Teach Mentor Texts, hosted by Jen Vincent.


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  1. Honored by your inclusion. Literally took a quote from Stacey’s “Inspiration” section of the “call for slices day 2 #sol15” and then turned it into a “Found Poem”

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  2. I do the same thing.. just 10 more minutes then I’ll do the things I need to do. So glad you considered the wonderful blogs our PLN writes worthy of IMWAYR.

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  3. I know exactly what you mean. I subscribe to blogs and they all end up in my mail box Saturday morning. I get up early, make coffee and relax while I read them all.


  4. Honoured to be included! Love the learning that we experience through each other!

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  5. Catching up on the blogging world on this snowy day – you have grouped me into some amazing bloggers – and I am learning with each post you all make how to be a better teacher!


  6. Susan,

    I love this! As I am sitting in my favorite chair with my coffee, reading all of my favorite bloggers, I totally agree – my PLN includes some of my favorite writers and makes me a better educator!

    You have highlighted many of my favorite bloggers already. Do you follow Seth Berg? (@bergseyeview) Like Jon Harper, many of his reflections tie to his family and speak to my heart! Thank you for introducing me to some bloggers who are new to me…looking forward to growing my PLN!

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